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Thursday, August 29 2019
It's the peak of the Hurricane Season again!

Orlando, Fla.—If you are an owner-operator of a truck or fleet in Florida there are things inevitable like storms, hurricanes and tornadoes and you do, what we all do — Get Prepared. Being prepared means, having cash on hand, heading warnings, keeping fuel in your tanks in case there is a shortage, staying aware of your surroundings, and keeping food and supplies on your truck in case of an emergency. 

It also means being a good citizen and help your neighbors, family and friends. Also hauling supplies or equipment for free during an emergency period. Yes, that too!

As a truck driver, there are a series of preventive measures you may need to follow in order to stay safe when hauling through hurricanes:

Conduct a Commercial Driver’s License Pre-Trip Inspection

High Winds Equal High Risk

Winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms can change the way you drive. If you’re caught in high winds, slow down or pull over when it’s safe to stop. Most times, you may encounter heavy rain and strong winds before a hurricane hits. As you probably know by now, strong winds can pull and even flip a tractor trailer. If your trailer happens to be parked it damaged too. If you pull dry vans or reefers, you are at a higher risk.

Watch the Weather

Hurricanes change course rapidly. Stay in touch with the U.S. Department of Transportation road conditions and closings alerts throughout the storm. If there’s a state of emergency within your route, you must consider choosing a different path or delaying your shipment. 

Driving Around Flooded Roads

Bear in mind that your trailer can be ripped apart by flooded roads just as small bridges and road pavement. Deep holes, live power lines and debris are also the cause of much damage. If you feel your route meets these hazardous conditions, or receive weather warnings from local authorities, consider to turn around or stop. 

Schedule Changes

Be prepared for schedule delays and changes, since a slight shift in the storm’s course could alter your route and most importantly, your safety. One a hurricane hits, we can’t tell how long it is going to last so you need to be patient, stay alert, and keep access to current weather information and warnings in the area where you are.

Heads Up

Be alert to the road ahead and your surroundings, for your safety and those around you. You're on the road days and weeks on end. During severe weather, the demands and conditions are only greater. It's important to get rest, take breaks and know when to pull over. 

Extra Care on the Speed

As a responsible truck driver, we know you will do almost the impossible to deliver your shipment on time, but remember that your first and foremost responsibility is safety. Reducing speed on ramps and corners not only help you prevent accidents, but you are also potentially saving the lives of others who could be involved. -

Stay safe out there during and off hurricane conditions.  If you have questions about truck insurance, please contact us at Orlando Truck Insurance: 

(407) 203-7085

 or visit:

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Wednesday, August 07 2019
2019 Truck Driving Championships -Florida Largest Field in History

Orlando, Fla.— This year, in Daytona Beach the Florida Trucking Association hosted approximately 315 competing drivers, forming the largest field in Florida history, and approximately 1,250 people attended the awards banquet dinner at the Daytona Beach Hilton.

Our Florida Grand Champion, Rebecca “Becky” Nelson, of FedEx Express earned a score of 319 in the Straight Truck competition and advanced to the National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburg.

Nelson moved to Florida about a year and half ago, and she said the competition is much steeper than it was in her home state, Alaska.

This year, the Florida Trucking Association gathered all the driving competitors for a group photo to celebrate the concept of “One Team Florida,” an effort they started last year in order to promote a message— “One Team Florida”—that FTA staff, member companies, and drivers should all prioritize safety and excellence in the profession, regardless of their affiliation.”

Now in August 14, it’s Pittsburg’s turn, with the 82nd annual National Truck Driving Championships— where around 427 are expected. Pittsburgh previously served as NTDC host in 2009 and 2014.

“That’s one of the greatest things about this program. It makes you sharper, it makes you more detail-oriented so that our trucks are safe.”

Scott Woodrome, 2018 NTDC Grand Champion

In order to earn the Grand Champion title, a participant must excel on a written exam based on the “Facts for Drivers” textbook, a pre-trip inspection and a driving course. That is probably why the event is known in the industry as the “Super Bowl of Safety.”

The driver from FedEx Freight whose friends and colleagues often refer to as “the LeBron James of Trucking” earned top honors at the 81st National Truck Driving Championships last year. “We all work together for safety. And it’s making a difference,” Woodrome told the audience at the awards ceremony.—“This truly breeds safety and makes each one of us better each day and every day when we’re on the highways.”— he concluded.

Joining Woodrome on the list of national champions are:

  • 3-Axle: Eric Courville, FedEx Freight, Louisiana
  • 4-Axle: Nick Arnold, FedEx Freight, Oklahoma
  • 5-Axle: Duane Staveness, FedEx Freight, Wisconsin
  • Flatbed: Steven Newsome, UPS Freight, South Carolina
  • Sleeper Berth: Artur Lesniowski, FedEx Ground, New Jersey
  • Straight Truck: Dale Brenaman, UPS, Kentucky
  • Tank Truck: Scott Woodrome, FedEx Freight, Ohio
  • Twins: Miguel Corral, FedEx Freight, Illinois
  • Step Van: Eric Damon, FedEx Express, Colorado 
  • Rookie of the Year: Ronald Zieser, FedEx Freight, Oregon
  • Team Champions: Nevada
  • Vehicle Condition: Michael Whitehead, FedEx Freight in the 3-Axle division
  • Highest Written Exam Award: Three perfect scores: Michael Flippin, FedEx Freight in the Twins division; Tony Spero, ABF Freight in the Tank Truck division; and Eric Courville, FedEx Freight in the 3-Axle division
  • Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence: Neil P. Nogues, YRC Freight, New Hampshire in the Straight Truck division
  • Sam Gillette Volunteer of the Year Award: Jerry Waddell, Cargo Transporters
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