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Monday, May 30 2022

Orlando, Fla.—As we watched recent news in Central Florida regarding the explosion of a food truck that severely burned burned a woman, located in the Brevard Coast, we take some time to reflect on what happened and what could have been done to prevent it.

Food trucks are regulated by the state and require many of the same checks and inspections as restaurants. In some cases, additional licensing is necessary depending on where they are setting up to do business. Following rules and regulations are  clearly key for physical safety and for food safety.

The inspections of gas lines, fire suppression, and emergency cut-off valves are required to be before operating your food truck business. Especially during events like food festivals and others where increased traffic can be expected, a fire marshal is usually on-site for inspections.

In Deltona, as an example, the city commission is already in the works for new regulations that had been a little controversial among businesses in the area.  The ordinance includes several other regulations for food trucks, including:
—Requirements for fire safety inspections every six months

—Licenses for alcohol sales (if applicable)

—Zoning designations

—10-foot minimum distance from all buildings, vehicles and combustible materials

—Each food truck to be equipped with at least one trash receptacle

—Site restrictions based on available nearby parking spaces

—Provisions against excessive noise, heat or glare

—Tables, seating and canopies must be removed at the end of the day

Also in Deltona, the new ordinance now requires food truck owners to present a notarized letter from the landowner at any given spot their truck parks and operates.

Given the amount of risk involved in operating some kinds of businesses like food trucks, owners/operators must have a solid strategy to respond in the event an accident of this type occurs.

What kind of insurance does a food truck need?

Food truck insurance is insurance tailored to the needs of food truck operators. You will need several coverages to work in tandem with one another in order to ensure sufficient coverage for a mobile food truck.  It is important that your insurance coverage takes care of the vehicle itself, its content, your employees, plus the two areas vulnerable to liability, which are the truck and your business operation.

Commercial Auto Insurance—This type of insurance is required for all vehicles used for business purposes to protect from liabilities and damage while in transit. The policies included in commercial auto insurance protect your vehicle from physical damage to the unit and items permanently attached to your vehicle by bolts, plumbing, and gas lines.

Kitchen Equipment and its Contents—It is important to pair commercial auto insurance with contents coverage to ensure that all of your food truck belongings are protected by your insurance. It covers the items that are in your food truck but not permanently fixed to the unit. As a food truck owner you’ll have the option to choose between an actual cash value policy or replacement cost value. As in other types of insurance policies, replacement policies will imply a higher premium than actual cash policies.

General Liability Insurance —Food truck general liability insurance is necessary to protect your mobile business from risks involving third parties while your vehicle is stationary while open for business.

Workers Compensation—It protects your employees with wages and medical benefits if they get ill or injured at work. This particular coverage will give you protection if:

  • An employee slips and falls on the job.
  • Employee suffers a job-related illnesses.
  • Employee incurs in medical care expenses, medication, and rehabilitation caused by an injury on the job.
  • Long-term or permanent disability payments.

Death benefits to family members of employees that experience a work-related death.

Orlando Truck Insurance is a full-service provider of Commercial Insurance products and services for Trucking and Commercial auto insurance. We invite you to review our programs: truck, public transportation, and commercial specialty auto. Orlando Truck Insurance has the products and underwriting experience to meet your insurance needs.

To obtain a quote for Truck Insurance, call us at  (407) 203-7085 to speak with a truck insurance specialist. You may also fill out an online questionnaire and one of our staff members will contact you to complete your quote process.

We have the staff, the local experience and the customer service platform to walk you through your insurance coverage options and keep your business well protected. Again, call one of our truck and commercial vehicles insurance specialists today at

(407) 203-7085 to get you started in the right track, we’ll be more than happy to assist!

Diana Munoz - Licensed Agent

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